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 Why does women carry handbags?

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Why does women carry handbags? Empty
PostSubject: Why does women carry handbags?   Why does women carry handbags? I_icon_minitimeTue Sep 06, 2011 10:10 am

handbags have become a necessity for women when they are out. In their bags, you can find things ranging from tissues to a mobile phone.
Why does women carry their handbags around while men just need a wallet? My opinion is that the need to carry something to hold goods is deeply rooted in the biology of females. Who is the major caregiver of the family from prehistory to the present? Mostly, it is the woman who gets people organized and make sure everyone has whatever they need.
Biologically speaking, it is the woman that takes care of the offsprings and makes sure that everything is at hand once leaving home. I believe that this turns into that women carry all that they need and everyone else could possibly use in their wholesale handbags.For example, when you are out with a male, do you ask him for tissues, pen, or paper? No, you ask the female. What’s more, women tend to need more things than men does.
To sum up, as women, who are more attentive, are the caregivers of the world and want things in order, they always prepare everything well that they believe will be used. Thus, a comparatively big bag shall be used.
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Why does women carry handbags?
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