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 Supra High Top Shoes..

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Supra High Top Shoes Sky god prison, is one of the most mysterious place, but ray emperor day king, special training law enforcement disciple, ready to spoilt all, a nation of laws.
The disciples, each pick choose, and all are beautiful genius, each is almost have adventures. But also very pride of, favored, look down on anyone, also look down on any existence. To go out to all is do random, b ī good case for, without scruple. Because god prison law enforcement disciple a celestial too dictatorial, in heaven's reputation is very bad, many big branches of his followers see this group of people, all fear of dangerous in. Now, party cold come in, is to thoroughly put these enforcement disciple, all eradicated, also a piece of pure land of celestial, this god prison law enforcement team, is a cancer, not very reluctantly cut, heaven can never peace. The sky god prison doors, is in sight.
Are in a land of space and seal parallel, independent world, a strong crystal wall hanging department, in the front of the department of crystal wall, appear a portal, portal has two big word top, murderous look sinister, written on the "god prison".
In god the prison, a row of disciple, back and forth the patrol, marched proudly, a face of the taste of the high horse. Yes, the celestial god prison law enforcement disciple, each one a dictatorial, regardless of the universe characters, even in the forehead internal, no one could make them. Because they represent is legal and road, their mastery to sanctions. Even now forehead encounter against, they also firmly, don not afraid. There are some god prison law enforcement disciple, still go out to kill the barbarians, then to get a lot of things, come back refining digestion. A beaming busy. "Ha ha ha ha ha...... what the protoss, barbarians siege forehead, however is to give our god prison law enforcement disciple to send the celestial food just. Man, you cut killed several high today?" A group of god from the outside prison law enforcement disciple in fly, to enter the god of prison, a proudly look, seems to be not harvest.
Cheap Supra Shoes "I cut slew thirty yuan fairy, or even a first half head holy levels of the barbarians masters, and three hundred DuoTou bowels of the JinXian, had some good a magic materials, very good, the life of all poke into good practice, a, then evening again go out to cut killed." "FanZhen elder brother is the most severe, incredibly go into battle, big of a kind of celestial connecting the guide on the strength of the cut, kill the protoss 30 honour saints, even the god of the emperor to fairy, broken head god was cut off half tranquility body heavy loss."
"Difficult and, of course, FanZhen master elder brother but the emperor of. Now go in to fix for uniting the, I do not know what time? Night should also be out as soon as shipment, beheaded kill more enemies?" "Among the most severe of speculation, brother, some are yet to come. They are all? Uniting the reached the world together a life, could be compared to the ancient palace seemed to people.
This group of forehead god prison law enforcement disciple, talking.
"It's disappointing, some other branches of the waste, and the human. Simply pull them out as cannon fodder calculate, the province of the celestial trouble, we want is elite...." "Teacher younger brother, this words be wrong, there is no waste, how that sky god we set out the majesty of the law enforcement disciple?" "But this time the xuan leaves, but the wind and brother killed, makes the cut margin we lose big sky god prison lost position." "Hum! Man, that he leaves the sky god give us prison law enforcement disciple a disgrace, again say, this is a kind of celestial genius war, provisions of only one hundred thousand years practice disciple was able to attend, that leaves our god in the prison of mana is shallow, disciple was. Some senior is the age to could not take part in it, or the wind margin would have been cut to death." "That is true, forehead genius war because the age, many problems because they can't attend."
"I hear now, the truth of the remote sanctuary has sent people come over, incredibly want to receive our forehead one hundred thousand of the big states some affiliation, this simply is a kind of celestial dig our corner? It's a good thing we left part of the branches in the forehead. So, early know, in the past, all one hundred thousand chun ordered big states, all led into the sky. Anyway, we in the space of the forehead, and endless, take these affiliation as pigs can also." "Yes, little these monsters, and we all bad, but truth apparent pride of the holy land, incredibly dare to against us forehead, seems that only we god of the prison, just can deal with law enforcement disciple got them." .........
These gods prison law enforcement disciple, fly over, will close to god prison gate into the among them when, suddenly a god prison law enforcement disciple one leng, looking at party cold: "who are you? How come? Here is the forehead god you know? Is it a prison which affiliation disciples, and dare to ShanChuang here? Knees, for fall! These people, really don't know the rules, the celestial now is Discount Supra Shoes 1 uan worse, much worse those branches, must want to clean after a while."
Now forehead, to combat, many branches, went into heaven asylum, at least tens of thousands of great big teach, all essence disciple, all in the forehead stationed. Plus the party after a series of cold now practice, appearance before completely different temperament and again, all over the big tall, one day the king show, but the true qi is return uncut jade to return true, is not strong. So, the sky god prison law enforcement and not know him out disciple. Among them that come HeLing party cold not inherit the kingdom of god prison knees law enforcement disciple, was a saint, to build for arrived at the level of the fairy, obviously brought, eye such as dragon, forehead full, the mouth cape majesty, have a kind of domination of flavor. "I'm cold, also is the wind party, is this a reason to smash the nasty, god prison the land killed you all." Party on cold hands, and the bloody clothes without wind to be automatic, leisurely way, and he doesn't mind with my real name.
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Supra High Top Shoes..
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